Legal Terms

1. Catalyst Finserve(Mysore) Pvt. Ltd.(“The Company”) is a Private Limited Company incorporated under the provisions of the companies Act, 1956.

2. The Company has launched a business to promote and market Financial, FMCG, Electronics and Consumer Products.

3. Claim of insurance policy is completely depend on respective insurance companies reject claim as per rules and regulation than Catalyst Finserve(Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible at all.

4. Insurance cover /benefits can not start just providing the information to Catalyst Finserve(Mysore) Pvt. Ltd., it has start from the date when respective insurance company issues/enforcees the policy.

5. The person authorized by the company will explain the business of the Company & called sponsor.

6. The company reserves the rights to make changes, amendments or alteration in services provided by the
company, including and changes in the marketing strategy, compensation plan, policies and procedure from time to time as the company may deemed fit and necessary to do so.

7. The management is having sole discretion to organize the Training Session / Presentations / Seminars / 
Educational Programs and the same will be informed by mail to the entire sponsor accordingly.

8. All the payments will be subjected to all applicable taxes and other tax withholding duties and levies.

9. Any disputes arising from this agreement or in relation to the agreement shall be referred to a duly appointed arbitrator by the company. Sponsor should not rise any objection on the ground that the arbitrator is having any connection with the Company.

10. The company at its discretion reserves the whole rights to terminate any sponsor.

11. Company is not liable for any claim, cost damage due to the misrepresentation of sponsor about the company and its service.

12. The sponsor will get the incentives in accordance with the growth of company i.e. higher the growth, higher the incentive.

13. No sponsor is allowed to use company’s network for marketing/promoting any other business which is not related to company.

14. Cheque return charges will be as per company’s rule.

15. All the above terms and conditions are applicable for everybody including nominee.

16. In order to maintain a viable network marketing, the Company reserves the rights to make any amendment it deem necessary at any time to the pricing and or commission as and when required.

17. The company has the right to discontinue any sponsor without giving any prior notice.

18. The company reserves the right to discontinue any of the products without giving any prior notice.

19. All disputes shall be subjected to Mysore (Karnataka, India) jurisdiction only.

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